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A search can be limited to one or more publications.

Click on the link Index Publication Titles to open the index. All publications are checked, that is, are selected, and will be used in the search. In order to limit the search to individual publications you have two possibilities:

-               Either you click on Clear Selections and then select individual publications to limit your search.

-               Or you simply remove the check from the publications that you do not want to include in your search.


Click on Submit Selections to paste the selected titles to the search form.

If several publications have been selected for the search, these will be linked with the operator OR.


In addition to calling up a publication for a search by means of selection via the index window, you also have the possibility of entering a search term in the entry field of the search screen. In the title of each publication there are one or more key words that are specific to the publication. Therefore, all documents from a publication can be found by entering this specific search term. You can find the list of specific search terms here.


The complete bibliography of the publications contained in the database can be found in the List of publications.





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