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With some publications contained in the database National Socialism, Holocaust, Resistance and Exile 1933-1945, there are some features that require special attention when entering a search.


Reference works from the period of National Socialism

The database contains three works of reference from the period of National Socialism:

-               Führer durch die Behörden und Organisationen. 4. Aufl. 1939

-               Organisationsbuch der NSDAP. 7. Aufl. 1943

-               Taschenbuch für Verwaltungsbeamte 1942

The fulltext search cannot be used for these publications. The publications can be accessed via their indices, which are integrated into the index lists, and also via their tables of contents. Via the index Publication Title and the index Document Group (Document group: Reference Works, Document Type: NS-Handbücher) you can access these works directly.



Nürnberger Dokumentenkartei

The Nürnberger Dokumentenkartei (Card index to the Nuremberg Trials) is an instrument of proof describing the prosecutions documentary evidence for the main proceedings at the Nuremberg War Crime Trials. The database does not actually contain the source documents. In addition to the document summary (Regest), each entry for documentary evidence includes information on the signature of the document, size and date, subject terms as well as the names of the individuals in question.

The paper edition of the Nürnberger Dokumentenkartei located at the Institute of Contemporary History in Munich, Germany, was digitized for the database.



Source works with biographical information

If you are searching for biographical information you should take note that:

biographical information is not only to be found in the documents classified under Biographical Materials but also in Primary Source works.

Of particular mention are:

-          the deportation lists from the Buch der Erinnerung (Book of Remembrance) and

-          the expatriation lists from Die Ausbürgerung deutscher Staatsangehöriger nach den im Reichsanzeiger veröffentlichten Listen (Expatriation lists as published in the "Reichsanzeiger" 1933-45)

In addition to these there are numerous biographical annotations in:

-          Hitler, Adolf: Reden, Schriften, Anordnungen. Februar 1925 bis Januar 1933 (Hitler, Adolf: Speeches, Writings, Orders. February 1925 to January 1933)

-          Der Hitler-Prozess 1924 (The Hitler Trial 1924)