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results LISTS

The list of search results is displayed when a search yields more than just one hit.

It contains brief bibliographic details of each contribution found and two links with which the Document View can be called up:


Number of results per page
The number of entries displayed on one page of results can be altered by entering the desired number of
results per page in the Preferences. The default setting in the preferences is 10 results per page.



Navigating the results lists

Browsing through the pages of the results list is possible by using the arrows above and below the list. Alternatively you can also go directly to an entry by entering the desired results number in the input field and clicking the button GO.

Sorting the results
The hits in the results list are sorted by publication title. It is also possible to sort the results according to other criteria. The following criteria can be used for sorting the results:

Results list after a fulltext search
After a search in the category Fulltext, or a combined search in which the category Fulltext was also used, it is possible that the results list and document view of a result shows the following icon: 

This means that the result marked by this icon is not a certain hit. The fulltext term that was searched is located on a digitized page from a publication or issue on which several contributions can be found. The application can not exactly allocate the full text hit to either of the contributions on this page. Therefore the contributions of this page pertaining to the search query are listed in the results list and the icon is displayed to show that this is a possible but not a distinct hit. By viewing the relevant digitized page it can be usually clarified very simply which of the contributions on this page contains the fulltext term that was searched.

Marking results
In addition, it is possible to mark individual contributions and transfer them to the list of marked documents. Contributions can be remembered in this way. Click the box in front of the document that you wish to mark. By clicking Select All you can transfer all documents on the page being displayed to the list of marked documents. Marked boxes can be unmarked simply by clicking them again. The list of marked documents can be called up by simply clicking Marked Documents in the menu.

Using the function SaveURL the search results can also be saved for later use, saved as bookmarks or copied in an E-mail, an application program (i.e. Word) or a web site.