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Navigating the database

The database is navigated using the menu bars and toolbars available on each page, or by using the so-called Breadcrumb Trail, available on all result pages.

Menu Bar

With the help of the menu bar you can access both search screens, the list All Publications , the list All Persons, and additional information on the database. The menu items available are:

Clicking the links for the basic and advanced searches opens search screens with blank forms. Both lists open on a selection screen which can be navigated with the letters of the alphabet shown on top of the screen.


The toolbar is found above the Menu Bar. It offers various possibilities for the continued use of the documents found. The availability of any particular function depends on whether the document displayed allows that function. The following functions can be available:

The toolbar also includes links to Help texts, Preferences and Logout.


Breadcrumb Trail

The Breadcrumb Trail appears beneath the blue menu bar, when a page of results is being displayed. It shows the current path from the homepage to the page currently being displayed. The previous pages are separated from each other by arrows (>) and marked as links.

You can use the Breadcrumb Trail to return to the search form from a list of search results or a document display, for example to change the query. Or, the Breadcrumb Trail can be used to return from the display of a digitized contribution to the results list.

Please Note:             Always navigate the database using the Breadcrumb Trail and the menu bar. Although using the Back and Forward browser functions will take you to the previous or following pages, it may however lead to faulty displays, especially when changing between document displays and results lists.