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After you select one of the documents in the results list it will be displayed in the document display. The database contains two kinds of documents: Image documents and Text documents. Depending on whether you are viewing an Image or a Text document, there are different possibilities available for viewing and further processing the document. The following information, which is available to you on the document display page, is the same for both types of documents.


Source Citation

Below the document is the corresponding Source Citation which indicates how you can cite this document. The Source Citation includes the title, author of the document (if applicable), information on database and publisher, the document’s precise, quotable URL as well as exact details of the original publication (see also: Citing documents).



Related Documents

Below the source citation of most Primary Source documents in the database there is a list of related documents that can be helpful in understanding the content of the displayed document or in finding associations between this document and others. The Related Documents could be lists of abbreviations; introductions and essays stemming from the original publications; or other documents that are of special relevance to the document in question (example: consolidation of documents on indictments and verdicts of the High Treason proceedings).



Image documents

As a rule, image documents are digitized microfiche editions with source documents such as files (administration or legal files), situation and status reports, camouflage writings as well as illustrations and maps/plans.

The document will be displayed as an image file on screen. If there is more than one image to a document, there is a corresponding navigation bar above the image to scroll through the available images and to call up individual pages. You can also enlarge the image for better viewing. In addition to this there is a function in a scroll box for directly accessing the image that contains the search term.

Following a Fulltext Search, the search term is highlighted in the text.



Text documents

Text documents are displayed on screen as a continuous text or as text subdivided into chapters. Functions are available to display all chapters or to hide them, as well as to open or close any footnotes included in the text. Further, following a Fulltext Search, you can go directly to the text sections containing the search term. These are highlighted in the text.



      Display of Image Documents

      Display of Text Documents