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In the case of image documents, the document selected from the results list will appear as an image file on the screen. As a rule, image documents are digitized microfiche editions complete with source documents such as files (administration or legal files), situation and status reports, camouflage writings as well as illustrations and maps/plans.


Search in this document

You can carry out a Fulltext Search in the document shown. You will find the function Search (fulltext) in the yellow box with the header “Document Options”. This will open when clicked on. Enter a search term and click on Search. You can also carry out a Fuzzy Search. No Fuzzy is the default setting. Please note: a Fulltext Search is not available for Reference works from the period of National Socialism, therefore, the function “Search (fulltext)” is not available for these publications.



Navigation through image documents

If there are several pages to a document, a navigation bar will be shown above the image displayed. This will indicate the number of pages in the document and on which page you find yourself at present (example: 1 of 10 or 2 of 12). You can return to the previous page or move to the next one by clicking on the respective arrows. You can also jump to a particular page in the document by entering the page number in the box and clicking the Go button.



Changing the image size

Above the displayed image there is a function with which you can vary the size of the image. Select one of the suggested sizes and wait until the document reloads.



Displaying the relevant page

Following a Fulltext Search or, in the case of some publications, also following index search, the function Display relevant page will show you on which page of the image document you will find your search term. From the scroll box above the image with the heading Hits: Select page, choose the page number. Following a Fulltext Search, the search term is highlighted in the document.



Printing and saving of image documents

With the function Download, you can convert image documents into PDF files and this way print them out and save them on your computer. The function E-mail is available for image documents only in a limited form. You cannot send the actual image documents per e-mail, only the document's source citation. The function Print is not available to you for image documents. Please see details in the chapter Managing information.


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