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The database National Socialism, Holocaust, Resistance and Exile 1933-1945 offers various possibilities for the further processing of documents. These depend on whether you are dealing with an image document or a text document.


You can Download an Image document as a PDF file and via this path print it out and save it to your computer. The function E-mail is only available as a limited function for image files. The actual image files cannot be sent via e-mail, only the source citation belonging to a particular document can be sent. The function Print is not available for image documents.


You can print out Text documents with the function Print. The function E-mail offers two possibilities: sending the whole document or only the source citation. The function Download creates a HTML-file which can be stored on the local computer.


In addition, with the Marked Documents, Previous Searches, and SaveURL functions, search results can be stored in the cache and recalled.


The source citation for each document gives you information on the origins of the document and can be of assistance when Citing.




      Printing Documents

      E-mailing Documents

      Saving Documents

      Previous Searches

      Marked Documents


      Citing documents