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On the page displaying the document there is an e-mail function available to you. You have two choices:

-          Sending an entire document per e-mail

-          Sending only the source citation per e-mail


In order to E-mail a document, click the link E-mail in the toolbar when the desired entry is being viewed. The following information must be entered in the form "E-mail Document":

The fields "Sender’s E-mail", "Mail to" and "Subject" are compulsory and must be completed before the document can be mailed.



Please take note:

Image documents cannot be sent per e-mail. However you can send the source citation of the displayed image document per e-mail. For image documents we suggest using the function Download. This will generate a PDF document of the displayed image document. You can save this to your computer and, if need be, send it from your own e-mail account.



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