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There is a print function for Text documents available on the document display. If you click the link Print in the menu bar, the relevant document is formatted for printout, i.e., the navigation elements are removed and the text is displayed on screen without these elements. The page can then be printed out using the print function of your internet browser. Image documents cannot be printed out via this function. For these documents we recommend that you use the function Download. This will generate a PDF document of the image document displayed. You can then download this to your computer or print it out.


Please take note that some documents are very long. Before you send the print command, use the print preview function to see how many pages the document has and if you really want to print it out.


In order to format a text document for printout, please follow these steps:

-               In the document display click on Print in the menu bar in the upper section of the screen.

-               A new window opens with the document being shown.

-               Use the print function of your internet browser to print out the document. Before you print, use the function print preview in order to ascertain how many pages the document to be printed has.

-               Close the window and return to the application.


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