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The SaveURL symbol in the toolbar indicates that the URL of the respective page is a so-called "persistent URL", which continues to exist after your session in National Socialism, Holocaust, Resistance and Exile 1933-1956 Online is over. Persistent URLs can be saved as bookmarks for later use or can be copied in an E-mail, an application (e.g. Word), or a website.

A common use of SaveURL is to save search results. It can be used for specific documents or the list of results following a search. Saving a list of marked documents with SaveURL means that the list can be permanently saved, allowing you to recall it later on again and again.


To create a SaveURL, click the link SaveURL in the toolbar of the page that you wish to save. A new window will appear, offering you the opportunity to select between the following options:


  1. You can copy the URL by clicking it with the right mouse button and choosing copy link. The URL will be stored in your computer’s cache and can be pasted into any application you choose (e.g. a Word document or an E-mail).

  2. You can save this page’s URL as a bookmark. By clicking the link Bookmark SaveURL in the SaveURL window, your browser’s Add to Bookmarks / Favorites function will open. You can name the link and store it in the location of your choice.


Please note:

If you wish to use SaveURL to create a bookmark with a Mozilla Firefox browser, please click the first URL in the window displayed with the right mouse button and choose the function “Bookmark This Page” from the menu. If you use option 2 in the window (“Bookmark SaveURL”) to save the URL using Mozilla Firefox, the bookmark will open a new side window when recalled via the list of bookmarks. This is a known error with Firefox.



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