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The function Marked Documents allows you to mark documents und save them in a list to be recalled later on.


Selecting from the List of Results

After a search has been carried out, individual documents in the displayed list of search results can be marked in order to transfer them to the list of marked documents. To do so, please mark each document by clicking the box in front of it. By clicking Select All you can transfer all documents displayed on that page of results to the list of marked documents.


Selecting in Document View

When a document is viewed, you can select a document for the list of Marked Documents by selecting the checkbox.


List of Marked Documents

Call up the list of marked documents by clicking Marked Documents in the toolbar. This function is activated as soon as a document has been marked. You will see a list of all your selected documents, divided into the four Document Groups: Primary Sources, Biographical Material, Explanatory Material, Reference Works. You can add further entries or delete entries in the list of marked documents at any time during your search session. Individual entries are deleted by clicking the "delete" button next to the relevant entry. The complete list of marked documents or all documents marked in a specific Document Group can be deleted by clicking the respective “Remove All” links.


At any time, you can delete selections in the mark list or add further entries. In order to view a document in the mark list, click on its document title. Depending on the type of document (image or text document) it can now be made further use of (print, e-mail, download). The list of marked documents can also be saved using SaveURL.


As soon as you leave the application using the link Logout, your list of marked documents will be deleted.



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