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In the Basic Search you can search for terms either in the General Index or in the Fulltext of the documents. Enter your search term in the entry field. You choose where to look by selecting one of the two options shown below the entry field. The search in General Index is the default setting.



Click Basic Search in the blue menu bar to open the search form.


AND, OR and NOT can be used for combining search terms. When no operator is used to combine search terms, they are automatically combined with AND.

Enclose search terms in quotation marks to perform a phrase search i.e. when searching specifically for a passage in which the words occur in the order entered.

Use wildcard characters - a question mark for a single letter or an asterisk for any number of letters - if you wish to include variations of a word in the search.


Having entered a search query, start the search by clicking the Search button.

After starting a search

To display a document, click the document title in the list of search results.


Deleting Search Queries

All entries in the search form can be deleted using the button Clear Form.


Saving Search Queries

Search queries are automatically saved as soon as a search term is entered in a search form and submitted by clicking the button Search. Using the function Previous Searches, former searches can be repeated or entered in the search form again and altered.




      Search in General Index and Fulltext

      Combining Search Terms

      Wildcard Characters