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The advanced search form of the database offers several possibilities for confining an enquiry to a certain date or period.


The search for all dates is the default setting.

If you would like to limit your search to a particular date, please select one of the following options:

-               Exact date
Enter the desired date in the checkboxes.

-               Before
Enter a date in the checkboxes to find all documents dated before your chosen date.

-               After
Enter a date in the checkboxes to find all documents dated after your chosen date.

-               Between
Enter two dates in the checkboxes to find all documents in the timeframe defined by the dates in the two checkboxes.


In addition to these, there are two further options available that can be activated or deactivated via a checkbox:

-               Include documents with inexact dates
Many documents in the database comprise a timeframe defined by two start/end dates. The start/end dates are labelled exact date, inexact dates are all dates within this timeframe in a given document.

-               Include documents with no known publication date
When you activate this option, combined searches with this date and another search term will always also include relevant documents that have no document date.


If several dates are given in a document, all these dates will be evaluated for the search. However, on the results list, only the first date mentioned in the document will be displayed. This can give the impression that the list contains apparently irrelevant hits from your search by date. By opening the respective document you will find that it includes more than one date and that the date you are searching for will be among them.



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