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The database German literary Expressionism Online offers a direct access to all publications (journals, collections, yearbooks and anthologies) and further information via the list All Publications.

Select the link All Publications from the blue menu bar to open the list. An alphabetical listing of all publication title will be displayed. Situated on top of the list is a list of all letters of the alphabet. Select a letter to go directly to all publications starting with this letter. With each publication title the publication type is displayed. Each publication title is a link, clicking this link leads to the specific publication page. 

Publication page
The publication page contains all bibliographic detail on this publication in a labelled view. The following fields can be available: 


Issuing Body
Publication Year
First Published
Last Published
Numbering Statement
Number of Pages
Continued by
Related Publication
Publication Type

Underneath the bibliography the access to the digitized images of the publication can be found. In the case of anthologies, yearbooks and collections this is via a title link, for journals the issue number is the link to the digitized content. 

Anthologies, Collections and Yearbooks
The digitized publication can be accessed via the title link underneath the bibliographic data. The publication opens on the title page. Additionally a link to the electronic table of contents of the publication is available, which offers direct access to the individual contributions. 

The issues of a journal are listed in chronological order underneath the bibliographical data of the publication.  

When a journal page is opened for the first time, all volumes are opened and displayed on the screen. A minus sign is displayed in front of the year. To get an overview of the avaialable volumes, you can close all years. Please select the link Close Volumes in the green box on top of the screen. To display all volumes again, select the link Open Volumes.   It is also possible to open or close volumes individually by selecting the plus or minus sign displayed next to the year.

For each issue a link to the electronic table of contents is available which offers a direct access to the contributions in this issue. 

About this publication
For most of the publications in the database, a descriptive article from the publication Die Zeitschriften und Serien des literarischen Expressionismus (Journals and series of literary Expressionism) written by Paul Raabe is available. To display this article, select the link "About this publication" on the bottom of the publication page. A new window opens with a PDF version of this article. Please note that it can take a while before the PDF document is fully displayed, as the file is very big.

Marking Results
In addition, it is possible to mark individual publications and transfer them to the list of marked documents. Publications can be remembered in this way. Click the box on top of the publication page that you wish to mark. Marked boxes can be unmarked simply by clicking them again. The list of marked documents can be called up by simply clicking Marked Documents in the menu.