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For documents in the Ready Reference there is a print function available that is activated by clicking on the button Print in the upper menu bar.


A window will open with the choices:

- Print Current Document

- Print Range

- Print Table of Contents


Print Current Document

The document is formatted for printout. The source citation is included in each document.

Please note that some documents are very long. Before you send the print command, examine the document to see how many pages it has and if you really want to print it out.


Print Range

Using this function you can print out certain areas from the Ready Reference in their entirety. When you select this function, another window opens containing the area in the table of contents belonging to this document.

The currently displayed document is checked. Now you can select either only this individual document, the adjoining documents or the whole directory. You can also print only selected documents, select the whole area or de-select all items. By clicking on the button Print the selected documents are formatted for printing and can then be printed using the print function of the browser.


Print Table of Contents

In contrast to the function Print range, with the option Print Table of Contents you do not print the whole document but only the table of contents with the chapter headings pertaining to the document currently displayed.




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