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Using the quick search you can search through all documents in the Ready Reference. The entry field for the quick search is available to you on all pages of the Ready Reference. Enter your search term and click on the button to the right hand side of the box to start your search.


You will receive a results list on the right-hand side of the screen giving information on the document titles of the found documents as well as information on the chapter number and the chapter, when applicable. You can access a specific document by clicking on the document title or the chapter title.


Via the button Hits in the upper menu bar you can return to the results list at any time. With the arrow keys to the right and left of the button you can navigate through the results. The single arrow will take you to the next occurrence of the search term within the displayed document. The double arrow will take you to the next document in the results list.


Using the function Excerpt in the list of hits, you can view the context in which the search term has been found. Excerpt: none is preset, that is, the result is not shown in its context. In order to activate this option you can select between 5 and 10 words of the context that should be shown together with the search term. Select the desired option and click on the button Display.




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