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The Ready Reference table of contents can be found on the left-hand side of the screen. It gives you the possibility to directly access individual chapters and documents.


Follow these steps:

You will see individual files and directories in the table of contents. A plus sign in front of a directory indicates that it contains further sub-directories or files. Clicking on the plus sign will open the entire directory. Now you can click on individual files or directories in order to see their content.


The content of a selected directory or a file is shown in the window on the right of the screen. In the table of contents, the file being displayed is highlighted in colour.


Some of the displayed documents may be subdivided into hierarchical levels. When you call up the document all levels will be opened and shown on screen. This is indicated by a minus sign in front of the corresponding level. If you would like to have an overview of the documents found, it is sometimes advisable to close all levels to start with. You can do this by clicking on Hide sub-levels. If you want to see all levels again, simply click on Display sub-levels.

You can, of course, hide or display individual levels in the document by directly clicking on the plus or minus sign to the left of the intermediate heading.


The function Previous / Next in the upper menu bar allows you to scroll through the individual documents in the Ready Reference. Using the right arrow key you can call up the next document, with the left arrow key you can scroll backwards through the documents. The blue highlight in the table of contents indicates in which section you are at present.


Please note when navigating in the Ready Reference that some documents are quite large and loading them to the display area can therefore take somewhat longer. While a document is loading for the display, the word Loading will appear in the lower status bar of the browser window.



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