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The pages of the digitized contributions are displayed on screen as facsimiles. In the upper half of the screen the details from the hit list on the respective contribution will be shown. Links to the Full Citation of the contribution and the Electronic Table of Contents of the publication/issue are also available in the document display.

Navigation through digitized contributions
Above and below a page being viewed you will find navigation bars to browse through and call up particular pages.

The number of images a document contains and the number of the image currently on view is displayed in the navigation bar (for example: 7 of 14). By clicking the arrows pointing to the right and to the left you can browse pages backwards and forwards. A particular image in the document can be called up by entering the desired image number in the input box and clicking the button Go.

Resizing images / Rotating images  
Images can be enlarged or reduced. The display’s default setting is 30%. In addition the sizes 10%, 50%, 70% and 100% are available. Choose one of the sizes offered in the dropdown menu and wait until the document has been reloaded.

When a page contains parts that run vertically or are upside down, the image position can be turned using the function Rotate.


Viewing relevant pages

After a successful full text search, the function View Relevant Image indicates which page of the selected contribution the search term is found on. Open the dropdown menu called Hits: Select Image and click the image number shown in order to display the relevant page for the search. Following a full text search the term found is highlighted in colour in the document.

Document view after a fulltext search
After a search in the category Fulltext, or a combined search in which the category Fulltext was also used, it is possible that the results list and document view of a result shows the following icon: 

This means that the result marked by this icon is not a certain hit. The fulltext term that was searched is located on a digitized page from a publication or issue on which several contributions can be found. The application can not exactly allocate the full text hit to either of the contributions on this page. Therefore the contributions of this page pertaining to the search query are listed in the results list and the icon is displayed to show that this is a possible but not a distinct hit. By viewing the relevant digitized page it can be usually clarified very simply which of the contributions on this page contains the fulltext term that was searched.



Printing and saving digitized contributions

Using the function Download digitized contributions can be converted to PDF files and in that format can be printed and saved on your computer. The functions E-mail and Print are not available for digitized contributions. Details can be found in the chapter Managing Information.


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