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Bibliographic Descriptions (CONTRIBUTIONS)

Full bibliographic details for a contribution are displayed when you click the link Full Citation (Contribution) found in the results list, the display of a contribution or the electronic table of contents for the respective issue/publication.


A bibliographic description can contain the following information:



Names of authors, visual artists, translators 

Contribution Title

Title of the contribution

In Citable information about the publication in which the contribution appeared; for journals this includes information on volume number, issue number and publication date. 


Information about page or column number

Genre Genre term for this contribution (Essay, Poem, Photography etc) 
Subject Subject term(s) classifying the contribution 
Classification Code Numerical classification from the decimal classification 
Contribution ID Unique identifier for each contribution

Related Document(s)

Short bibliographic information on further contributions which are related to the one shown, eg the continuation of an essay or a reply by another author on the displayed article. 

URL Persistent URL which can be used to directly access this contribution and for citing.

The short entry from the search results is displayed above a bibliographic description. It allows you to call up the first page of the digitized contribution by clicking the linked contribution title. It is also possible to access the table of contents of the selected issue / publication by clicking the link Electronic Table of Contents.



Printing and E-mailing bibliographic descriptions

Further use can be made of bibliographic descriptions with the E-mail and Print functions. The Download function cannot be used for bibliographic descriptions. For details please see the chapter Managing Information.


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