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Bibliographic DescriptionS (ISSUE)

Full bibliographic details of the issue or publication are displayed when you click the link Full Citation (Issue) found in display of an electronic table of contents.


A bibliographic description of the issue can contain the following information:



Title of the publication 


Subtitle (of the issue)

Issue Information on Volume Number, Issue Number and Year
Issuing Body Names of Institutions, Societies etc, editing this publication


Name(s) of editor(s)-in-chief for this issue
Editor(s) Name(s) of editors for this issue
Edition Information on edition

Place of Publication

Publication place of this isse


Publisher of this issue

Publication Year

Publication year of this issue
Pagination Pagination in t his issue, 
eg. S. 1-18 or S. 63-105


Complete number of pages of this issue
eg. 25 S.

Format Format of this issue
Series Series in which this issue was published
Note(s) Information on this issue, eg missing pages

Related Issue(s)

Related issues, eg when an issue was continued under a different title

Publication Type

Type of publication (journal, yearbook, anthology or collection)

Issue ID

Unique identification number of this issue

Master Copy

Information if the copy from which the issue was digitized was an original or a reprint.

Source Library

Information on the source library from which the master copy was taken.

The short entry for the issue is displayed above a bibliographic description. It allows you to call up the Electronic Table of Contents of the selected issue or publication.



Printing and E-mailing bibliographic descriptions

Further use can be made of bibliographic descriptions with the E-mail and Print functions. The Download function cannot be used for bibliographic descriptions. For details please see the chapter Managing Information.


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