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Managing Information – Overview

German literary Expressionism Online offers different possibilities of making further use of the documents you have found in the database. Which functions are available will depend on the type of material in question; whether you are dealing with a digitized contribution, an electronic table of contents or a bibliographic description.

Digitized publications can be converted to PDF files using the Download function, which allows you to print or save the PDF files on your computer. The E-mail and Print functions cannot be used for these documents.

Electronic Tables of Contents, Bibliographic Descriptions, Bio-bibliographic Articles, Publication Pages and Person Pages can be printed using the Print function and mailed using the E-mail function. The download function cannot be used for these documents.

In addition, with the Marked Documents, Previous Searches, and SaveURL functions, search results can be stored in the cache and recalled.

The bibliographic descriptions linked to each document can be an aid when Citing Documents.


    Printing Documents

    E-mailing Documents

    Save Document as PDF

    Previous Searches

    Marked Documents


    Citing Documents