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Previous Searches

The function Previous Searches allows you to recall searches you have already carried out. Search queries are saved as soon as a search term is entered into a search form and posted by clicking "Search".

Click on the link Previous Searches in the toolbar in order to open the list of saved searches. Each search query has a specific abbreviation, beginning with either BAS (Basic Search) or ADV (Advanced Search), depending on the type of search concerned. The search query is recorded beside it. Long search queries are displayed in shortened form and can be shown in full by clicking the plus symbol.

By clicking the abbreviation (BAS1, ADV1 etc.) you can repeat the search query and the list of search results will be displayed. Alternatively, the search query can be reentered in the search form by clicking the link  Edit. Thus it can be altered or combined with other search terms.

In the search form for the Advanced Search, the search category options also include Previous Searches. Each individual search can be accessed again via the abbreviation of the respective search. Several Previous Searches can be combined with each other using this search category. Note: Use the Index list for this search category to select the search query you want to use.

Please Note: When combining a number of search queries that have already been carried out, a separate input field must be used for each previous search query.

As soon as you leave the application using the link Logout, your previous searches will be deleted.



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