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Bio-bibliographic Articles


Bio-bibliographic articles on the editors and many contributors can be viewed. They originate from the work Die Autoren und B├╝cher des literarischen Expressionismus (The authors and works of literary Expressionism) by Paul Raabe, the Deutsches Literatur-Lexikon (German Encyclopedia of Literature) or Deutsche Biographische Enzyklop├Ądie (Dictionary of German Biography).

You can access the biographical articles via the person page, behind the link Bio-bibliographic Article.

Each author has been allotted a specific identification number, the PND ID. This ID originates from the Name Authority File of Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (German National Library).

The PND ID and the author name from the authority file are given at the beginning of the article.



Source Citation
Information on the source of the article is displayed below the biographical article. It contains information on the database and the publisher, the date and a specific citable URL for the article. Beneath this is bibliographic information on the source in which the article was originally published.



Printing of bio-bibliographic articles

Further use can be made of bio-bibliographic articles with the E-mail and Print functions. The Download function cannot be used for bio-bibliographic articles. For details please see the chapter Managing Information.



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