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The following search categories are available in the Advanced Search:


Fulltext search

Indexing of the entire text of all documents in the database (image and text documents).

Persons / Names

Names in the format of surname, given name, and including possible additions such as other names, occupations, titles.

Institutions / Organisations

Authorities, parties, associations, companies etc.

Geographical index

Place names, country names.


Subjects headings

General index

Comprises the individual indices of Persons / Names, Institutions / Organisations, Subjects as well as the Geographical index.

Document title

Title of the documents in the database.

Occupations / Fields of activity

Occupations and fields of activity of persons on whom there are biographical articles in the database.

Document ID

For each document there is an individual alpha-numerical code (this is displayed in the source citation of a document).

Publication titles

Titles of the original editions, biographical and general reference works available in the database.

Document Group / Document Type

Classification of the documents into four groups: Primary Sources, Biographical Material, Explanatory Material, Reference Works and the Document Types allocated to these groups.


Search for documents with a specific date, documents containing dates before or after the entered date or within a period.


In most search categories, search terms can be selected from available Index lists and combined with each other as required.



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