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Proximity Operator

In the search category Full Text, a proximity operator can be used when searching for documents containing two search terms, which occur within a specific proximity of one another. Both search terms must be enclosed in quotation marks. A tilde is added directly after the last quotation mark and followed by a number representing the desired maximum word interval within which the other term must occur.

A word interval of 1 means that the words must occur next to each other; a word interval of 2 means that the words can be separated from each other by a maximum of one word, etc.

The order in which the words must occur in the text is not predetermined by the search query.

Full Text:                   "Tristan Tzara"~1
Results:                      Contributions in which the words Tristan and Tzara occur next to each other are found.


Full Text:                     "Sprache erlernen"~4
Results:                      Text passages in which both words occur separated by a maximum of 3 other words.

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