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Full Text search / Fuzzy Search

Full text searches can be executed in the search category "Full Text".

The terms entered are sought directly in the text of the publication. Search terms can be either separate words or phrases. A phrase consists of several words enclosed in quotation marks, designating it a prescribed expression or a specified word order. Searches find documents containing the search terms "word-for-word". Where they occur in the document, the search terms are highlighted.

When searching through the full texts of all works, in addition to the Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT), you can use a Proximity Operator, to specify the maximum distance between two search terms.

It should be noted, that the success of full text searches in digitized versions of the original publications depends on the quality of the original, and a one hundred percent result cannot always be guaranteed. For full text searches, an imprecise search (Fuzzy Search) is also available, finding terms that are merely similar to the term entered.

For a Fuzzy Search, the following options are available:

With the option No Fuzzy, the search term will be sought in the exact form in which it was entered. If the desired result is not achieved, we recommend carrying out a further search using the option Low or Medium. With these options searches may find search terms in works where the optical character recognition (OCR) was not one hundred percent correct, due to the poor quality of the original document. The option High should be used with caution, as considerable divergence between the search term and the terms found in the text can occur.  


Please note:
After a search in the category Fulltext, or a combined search in which the category Fulltext was also used, it is possible that the results list and document view of a result shows the following icon: 

This means that the result marked by this icon is not a certain hit. The fulltext term that was searched is located on a digitized page from a publication or issue on which several contributions can be found. The application can not exactly allocate the full text hit to either of the contributions on this page. Therefore the contributions of this page pertaining to the search query are listed in the results list and the icon is displayed to show that this is a possible but not a distinct hit. By viewing the relevant digitized page it can be usually clarified very simply which of the contributions on this page contains the fulltext term that was searched.


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