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Search categories IN the ADVANCED SEARCH

Fulltext search


Search in the full text of all publications

General person search

All Persons

Names of all contributors, translators, reviewers, visual artists and editors of publications. 

If contributions were published under pseudonym, also the pseudonyms are available for the search. 

Contribution search

All Contributors Names of contributors (authors of texts), translators, reviewers and visual artists. 
Visual Artists Names or visual artists (of graphics, lithographies, reproductions, wood carvings etc) 
Translators Names of translators of contributions
Contribution Title Titles of contributions 

Translated Contributions

Titles of translated contributions
(Field also often contains the author name of the original work.)

Reviewed Works Titles of reviewed works 
(Field contains author and title of reviewed work.)
Genre Genre terms for the contributions (Essay, Poem, Photography etc) 
Subject Subject terms classifying the contribution 
Classification Numerical classification from the decimal classification 
Contribution ID Unique identifier for each contribution


Contribution ID: AT005283

Schwitters, Kurt: An Anna Blume
Der Sturm, Volume 17, issue 5, August 1926

Publication search

Editors Names of editors and other editorial personnel of publications 
Issuing Body Names of Institutions, Societies etc, editing publications
Publication Title Titles of publications 
Publication Type Type of publication (journal, yearbook, anthology or collection)

Place of Publication

Publication places for the publications as given in the original


Publisher as given in the original

Publication Year

Publication years of the issues

In this field you can search with the following operators:

< (smaller as),

<= (smaller as or similar to),

> (bigger as)

>= (bigger as or similar to)

: (until)


Publication Year: 1910:1912

Result: Issues published 1910, 1911 or 1912 

Publication Year: <=1919

Result: Issues published 1919 or earlier.

Publication Month

Publication month of the issues

Volume Number

Number of the Volume of a publication 

Issue Number

Number of the Issue of a publication 

Issue ID

Unique umber for each issue available in the database.


Issue ID: STURM_0303

Result: Der Sturm, Volume 17, issue 5, August 1926

Previous Searches

Search category for repeating searches or combining prior searches with other search queries.

Previous Search: ADV1

Results: The results of the first advanced search executed in the current search session.

Note: When combining previous search queries, a separate input field must be used for each search query.

For most search categories, search terms can be selected from the Index Lists offered and freely combined with each other.


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