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Advanced Search - Overview

Click Advanced Search in the blue menu bar to open the search form.

A total of 24 search categories are available, namely

Select the desired search category/ies and enter your search terms in the appropriate input field. For searches in the specific categories, Index Lists are available, from which search terms can be transferred to the input field.

Different search terms can be combined in a variety of ways:


Finds documents containing all of the search terms joined with AND


Finds documents containing at least one of the search terms joined by OR


Finds documents containing the search term preceding NOT but not containing the search term following NOT

With the help of Wildcard Characters variations of a word can be included in a search: a question mark ? replaces any chosen character. The asterisk * replaces any number of characters.

In addition, for searches in the category Full Text, it is possible to use a Fuzzy Search (an imprecise search), which also finds terms similar to the term entered.

You can

To start the search click Search.


Search Results

After a search has been started,

To display a document, click the contribution title in the list of results. In addition, from the list of results you can also call up the complete bibliographic details of a contribution.  
Please note:
the results list always shows contributions, even if a search for a publication (publication title or editor) was performed. When a search for a publication title was carried out, the results list will show all contributions from this publication, if a search for an editor was performed, all contributions will be shown which were published in a publication edited by this person.


Saving Search Queries

Search queries are saved automatically as soon as a search is started. With the function Previous Searches you can repeat any searches carried out earlier or recall queries to the search form and alter them.


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