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Combining Search Terms

Combining search terms using Boolean Operators
The operators AND, OR, and NOT can be used to combine individual search terms or phrases with each other within one input field or in different input fields.



Finds documents which all contain the terms joined by AND


Finds documents which contain at least one of the terms joined by OR


Finds documents which contain the term preceding NOT but which do not contain the term following NOT

search terms within an input field

Both individual words and phrases can be combined using AND, OR and NOT.

When several terms are entered into an input field without using an operator, the search automatically combines the terms with AND.

Please Note:     AND, OR and NOT must be entered in English and in capital letters.
Only one entry at a time can be used in the input field of the search category Previous Searches. Therefore, in order to combine a number of previous search queries with AND, OR, or NOT, it is necessary to use the same number of input fields.

Combining input fields
In order to combine different search fields choose either AND, OR, or NOT from the drop down menu situated in front of the search category. The default setting is AND.


All Contributors: "Tzara Tristan"
AND Contribution Title:
"Manifeste Dada"
Result:                         Contribution by Tristan Tzara with this title

Publication Year:       1912 OR 1913 
Results:                      Contributions published in 1912 or 1913 in all publications.


Contribution Title:      Künste NOT Akademie
Results:                      Contribution titles containing the term Künste but not the term Akademie.


Full Text:   krieg  
All Contributors:  "Pfemfert Franz"  

Results:       Contributions by Pfemfert, containing the term Krieg


Genre:                         Photographie
AND Publication Year:
Results:       Contributions published before 1916 which belong to the genre photography.


Title:                           "russische Revolution" OR "russischen Revolution"
Results: Contributions about the russion revolution, as stated in the title.
Please note: The search can also be carried out with wildcard characters: "russische* revolution"



Phrase Search

When several words are enclosed in quotation marks, only documents containing those terms in the order in which they were entered are found. Naturally, phrases can also be combined using the Boolean operators AND, OR and NOT – see the examples above.


Contributor:                       "Pfemfert Franz“  
: Contributions by Franz Pfemfert are found.


Contribution Title:       "An Anna Blume“  
: All works with titles containing these words in this sequence are found.


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